KiLL THE COLOSSi (often abbreviated to KTC) is the combined alter ego of four friends (Tyrone Moll – vocals/guitar, Adam Storey - guitar/vocals, Rowan Miles – bass and Steve Higgins – Drums) who decided to start the band as they were equally frustrated with the lack of present, transparent, relevant, resonant music.
“We formed to approach and sing about the shit that nobody else wants to talk about.” 

Kill the Colossi started playing in 2015 and started gigging alongside NBQ label mates The Mistakes and the Crash Landings at the beginning of 2016.

You can buy our merch from us at our gigs, but why wait when you can head over to our products page and buy something! 

We don't have a huge range at the moment, and is something we're working on so only tee's at the moment. However, we're expanding our design to bring you more stuff like hoodies, caps, beanies, gloves and coasters!

Watch this space!